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WebCentral launches new web hosting plans

WebCentral launches new web hosting plans

WebCentral have launched a fantastic new range of web hosting plans for Australian techies and  small businesses.

The most exciting feature of the new hosting plans is a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This guarantee puts the stability of big business hosting within reach of small business at a very reasonable price. No other Australian hosting company offers a similar guarantee in the shared hosting space at this price.

Under the covers, the hosting platform has been radically over-hauled.  The platform is now built on Windows Server 2008 technology and offers .NET developers .NET 4.0 technology as well as the latest builds in PHP and Perl for the open source fans.

The great thing about the new platform is that everything and I mean everything is automated. The new Mission Control Service Management console lets an admin configure their server exactly how they like it without raising a job or picking up a phone. Adding a database, making DNS changes, adding security features is very very easy.

If you’re a small business and want to give access to your web developer then you simply create another user account and select what access they need. There’s no need to open up the whole account to them.

A WebCentral developer demonstrated the system to me and installed an online store in about 5 clicks using the Web Matrix product. He also assured me that there were some big plans to release similar functionality in the service management console.

Speaking of accounts, all hosting, domain name, and email products and services can be managed under one account. This means adding or removing any services is super easy. Just login and select what service you would like to maintain. A new domain name can be registered in just a few clicks and you will get one monthly invoice.

The team have done some great work to bring these new hosting and email platform to market.

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