I am a digital marketer, product manager, fan of words, husband,  father, politics observer, and former coder living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Currently I head up product and technology for a global marketing business with headquarters in Amsterdam.

It goes without saying that this blog is a personal and unrelated to any of the businesses that pay me money.

As a lover of technology I try not to become enamoured with bright shiny things, focusing instead on the stuff which will improve customer experience and deliver a commercial return to the business.

I love helping people and organisations use technology to make their lives better and firmly believe we’re only at the start of a major global shift. I have been the keynote speaker many Small Business events where I talk about how SMB’s can grow their businesses using digital. I have also been the lead instructor in Product Management for the awesome folks at General Assembly.

I love speaking at events so get in touch with me if you want to be entertained and informed.

This is not really my first blog. I had what was called a digital diary in 1999 which I used to publish sarcastic poetry about drinking in bars. For the benefit of the wider community I do not intend that any sarcastic poetry makes it to this blog.

In 2014, in a rage about Tony Abbott’s strange and incompetent brand of conservative politics, I created tonyabbott.fail. Everything was hand coded and the site was archived by the National Library Of Australia which is kind of fun.

That is what the Internet is for.

In 2017 I’m trying to blog when I have the time which is rarely, but please do keep checking back.  I am writing about product management, digital marketing, technology, politics, and about living a rich full life in a complex crazy world.

Lastly, thanks to Natalie, poet and artist, for being awesome.


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