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Working with the wife

Working with the wife

I recently built this website for my wife using WordPress.Yes I know, working with family can be hard. I have the scars to prove it but for a custom written theme I think it looks OK. There is still some work to go but let me know what you think.

My wife is an artist, a Masters graduate, a former phd student, a singer and a wonderful mother. She wanted her website to reflect her wide interests and love for crazy form – the alphabet, mythical animals, and crazy stuff. It needed to be a base she could build upon with art, poetics and even some nice photos.

Working with Natalie was challenging because we’re both stubborn and can be forceful when we don’t think we’re getting our way. After many heated discussions Natalie would get her way because her creative instincts are spot on and what she wanted was always right.

There will be more done to the site including adding a cool shop to sell some art objects that I just know are going to make people very happy. And what could be more important than that?

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