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We’re all gonna die – marketing in a recession

We’re all gonna die – marketing in a recession

There is a sense of pervading gloom in the air. We’ve read about it in the papers, we’ve watched it on the teeve and we’ve read about it online.

The consensus appears to be that we’re all doomed. That’s right doomed!

The easy credit of the 2000’s has dried up. Consumers are reigning in their spending on stupid luxury items and selling their boats, jetskiis, motorbikes and SUV’s. The repo man is very very busy.

This miasma of gloom makes it very hard to sell some stuff and persuade people that they need a particular product or service.

there is a way to successfully market to panic stricken consumers and close-minded businesses during a recession.

And that is by focusing on the positive.

With so much doom, gloom and negativity about, folks do not respond well to fear, uncertainty and doubt marketing. What they need is some positivity, something that can help them stare bleakly from these dark times into a bright shining future.

That’s why the new Foxtel campaign works so well. It speaks to the heart of the matter. Yes there is a recession but a solution is offered in a light-hearted way – being entertained by Foxtel.

There is also another recession proof way to market your business and that is to offer great value. McDonalds and Coles have been doing this very well.

The truth is that there are still people with money and there are still businesses spending money. There is however considerable friction in the buying process about the future. For a conversion to occur marketers need to extra hard to reduce the friction generated by an uncertain future.

So focus on the positive and value. Paint a picture where a buyer can see herself buying an investment property, taking a European holiday, buying a jet-skii or simply not worrying about money and paying the bills.

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