On the Braggle: work, life and dreams

Fatherhood is good preparation for launching an online business. The problem is that a job, infants and new websites do not play nicely together.

I have been working on a little project called Braggler, which is a community site for hagglers, tightwads, and perpetual savers. Having become involved after the site had been semi-launched with the old partners, I quickly made a list of what needed to be done to make the site useful. The original founder and I agreed on priorities and got excited.

This was gonna be great.

And then my wife had a baby. The work stopped. With two babies under two in the house by the time I could do some work on the site after work and babies I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.

How am I ever going to get any work done?

I realised that it was no longer possible to come home from work, have dinner and a conversation with my wife and work until past midnight. With a continual interrupted sleep I don’t have the energy to make a 100% contribution to what I am doing then I would rather not do it.

The answer is to make small continual efforts towards fixing the site and be able to be a good manager and leader at work, a good husband and father, and a good builder of web businesses.

The might not be entirely consistent with Gary Vaynerchuk’s concept of crushing it, but with a busy life I need to crush it in multiple ways, and being a good father is one of the most important jobs I have right now.

Get along to Braggler and tell me how you think it’s coming along.

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