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Not inspiring people? Try shutting the fsck up

Not inspiring people? Try shutting the fsck up

I love being around passionate people. They get things done, they dream big and take action, they freely debate ideas, they stay committed to a cause, and can move mountains with their belief. Passion changes the world. Passion also never shuts up. When the ideas spark and the passion is in flow, other, sometime equally passionate people struggle to get a word in. Quickly it stops being a free exchange of ideas and a speech about how clever your ideas idea, and they are AMAZZZING. Others are left disengaged and uninspired. Someone talking at you isn’t inspiring. I’ve often been guilty of letting passion get in the way of listening, of forgetting that it’s as important to inspire and move others to be passionate. Stop confusing talking at people with being passionate. It’s just rude. Spend today listening and inspiring people to be passionate. Put the iPad/Samsung phablet/laptop/smartphone down and look at the person talking to you. Find out what interests them and make a genuine effort to connect.

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