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Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Wednesday

Last night I went to the first Melbourne Web Analytics Wednesday in the sweltering back room at Loop Bar.

The discussion was a little stilted at first but there was a strong turn out from Sensis, CoreMetric and other analytics and search folks.

There was some discussion alluding to the convergence between Customer Relationship Management tools and web analytics. This type of integration can not only tell you lots about customer behaviour but also dig deep into key attributes of the customer like age, sex, likes, dislikes, profession and so on.

The integration of web analytics and critical business tools is evolving quickly and I have to admit I’ve not been paying a great deal of attention. Perhaps because to do so requires a whole lot of applications talking with each other.

This convergence means that web analytics will no longer be something for the marketing wierdos but something the pin-heads sit up and look at.

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