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Getting in action, focusing on the real problems

Getting in action, focusing on the real problems

My poor little website has been struggling recently, and initially, I thought it was due to DDOS attacks after looking at the logs of strange p0rn related requests. Initially (in late October), I blocked IP addresses, added CloudFlare, reviewed logs. The website was still broken and I thought the only solution would be to migrate to a bigger server which would be long and hard.

So this year, after much procrastination, I ssh’d into the server and discovered that MySQL was running at 97% CPU utilization due to a bad WordPress plugin. I fixed the problem in 5 minutes by killing the process, disabling the plugin, and upgrading all the other plugins.

The site had been up and down for around 8 weeks and I fixed the issue very quickly.

Pretty embarrassing.

A lot of things in life seem hard until you get them done. Taxes for insurance, an apology to an old friend, that gardening project, cleaning up the shed. Often we build things into huge issues and obsess over the enormity of the challenge rather than the actions required to solve the problem.

This year, one of my resolutions is to look at where I can get in action and focus on the real problems starting with exercise and fitness. By getting my personal health thriving, I can get my mental performance and focus thriving and make a real impact for my family, my friends, my community, and my co-workers.

No more procrastination!

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