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Comment spam

Comment spam

How do you know if the WordPress blog you have just launched and have been slaving over is going to be successful? You get picked up by the comment spammers.

I love WordPress. And I love that it needs to be upgraded quite often to prevent nasty code insertions in footer.php. It means that there is a real live community hacking the code. Some are wearing white-hats and others black-hats.

The comment spammers are such a nice collection of people I would like to tie them up and have a bunch of people poke them with sharp sticks before setting fire to them. I hate spammers generally, but with email spammers I can see a potential return. With comment spam I can see none. The comment will never be published.

So if you’re out there, HiptHombong get in touch and help me understand your numbers. Then I will get the rope.

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