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Bring on 2013

Bring on 2013

Last year, instead of doing the normal drunken new years resolutions forgotten as soon as the hangover fog disappears, I reviewed 2011 and looked at how I wanted 2012 to be different. The problem with some of my resolutions or goals was that they were not SMART. By SMART I mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Dave Eccles, in his entertaining blog, Ruck You Mate has pointed out that 83% of resolutions fail most likely because they are not realistic and backed by a plan.

With that in mind I have created a set of personal objectives that are SMART and when achieved will enrich my life.

I have two ears and one mouth for a reason
I love expressing my own opinion and often do so at the expense of listening to what others have to say. I’m sure this is pretty annoying to my friends, family, and colleagues. This year I will interrupt less, and because this is pretty are to measure, I will get in training my meditating once a day for at least 15 minutes. This will quieten the mind and help me listen more.

Get off the tobacco merry-go-round
I smoked less in 2012 than I have since I was 14, or to put it another way, since the last millennium. I’m pretty happy with that achievement but this year nothing less than total abstemious behaviour will satisfy me. This is pretty easy to measure: no smokes!

Be a great Dad
This is a life goal rather than a simple goal for 2013, but the kids need more from me than they had in 2012. They need more understanding and communication and less snapping. They need more intimacy. I’m going to measure this by reading to the kids at least three times a week, and having an excursion with them once a week. That’s 52 excursions a year, and at least 150 book readings.

Enrich my creative soul
I got into non-fiction in 2012 which enriched my mind and taught me heaps. I plan to keep this up in 2013 but need to add some sugar to this diet. Measuring is not easy but I will see a movie once per month, and read a novel a month. That’s 12 movies and 12 novels a year. If I manage to finish reading In Search of Lost Time, I will buy myself a massive present next Christmas.

It doesn’t grow on trees, so save it
By the end of 2013 I want to owe less money than I do now. That includes mortgage, credit cards, personal loans, the lot. I also want to add $100k in annual income.

Finish the goddam ensuite
So I started renovating and we had two kids and I never moved on. In 2013, the ensuite will be finished, the balcony will be fixed and made safe, and the wall downstairs removed. Easy!

Grow my own veggies
I love that we own shares in a cow and get glorious milk from it but am sick of having buy non-organic veggies. Four 2.4 metre beds will be installed in the bottom of the garden next to some chickens. By the end of this year we will be getting at least one food item a day from the veggie garden. This will make us healthy and help save the planet.

Move it or lose it
My exercise routine is either frenetic, or non-existent. As I get older it is more important that I move my bones and muscles, and eat well. This means I will work out at least twice a week which is at least 104 workouts for 2013.

Launch it
There are a couple of personal projects I have been working on which need to be launched. In 2013 I will launch two of these projects.

Love, love, Love
The hardest thing about having a busy career, two children, and a long commute is having enough intimate time with my wife. This means time without kids, family, money-talk, domestic tasks, or television. This year we will have a date night once a month and travel away for a night once a quarter.

I hope your 2013 is amazingly great.

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