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Australian fashion brands and sports dominate Facebook

Australian fashion brands and sports dominate Facebook

I was talking with a colleague about the BONDS Facebook page today admiring their 600K+ likes when she challenged me to find another Australian brand with a higher number of likes. I’m happy to say that I did.

A few things stood out.

Australian fashion brands dominated the rankings. Global surfing brands Quiksilver and Billabong led the charge with over 1 million likes, followed by BONDS.

The NRL leads the AFL by around 30 thousand likes. Interestingly, the NRL fan site,, has slightly more likes than the official NRL site.

Holden has over 200K followers, no doubt on the back of a big “social” campaign to launch the new Captiva. This indicates a well executed social media strategy.

The telcos, Telstra and Optus are pretty evenly matched. What’s interesting is that as “technology” brands they don’t have a higher number of likes.

The banks are poorly represented. The only banks I could find were the NAB and the new Bank of Melbourne. The new Bank of Melbourne billboard campaign has prominent social media icons and this has obviously been relatively successful as it has generated more followers than NAB.

Retailers like Myer, David Jones, and Harvey Norman are at the lower end of the rankings. Harvey Norman however did appear to be pursuing a pretty successful Facebook places strategy. It was unclear whether this had been initiated by them or simply organic.

The Australian brand social media rankings

  1. Quiksilver 1,213,398
  2. Billabong 1,040,527
  3. BONDS 629,363
  4. NRL 373,949
  5. AFL 343,217
  6. Holden 228,059
  7. Optus 52,079
  8. Myer 43,359
  9. Big W 36,491
  10. VB 33,643
  11. Telstra 25,584
  12. Seven Eleven 24,730
  13. David Jones 22,993
  14. iiNet 18,888
  15. Harvey Norman 8,837
  16. Bank of Melbourne 8,290
  17. NAB 8,245
  18. Coles 5,360
  19. James Boag’s & Sons 3,814

This ranking was created 18 August and the brands ranked were my best estimation of major Australian brands. If you think any are missing, drop me a line.

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