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The myth of being indispensable

The myth of being indispensable

When you first get a job, you turn up early, take instructions, work diligently, keep your head down and try and do your job as best you can. If you do a good job, one day you might make team leader, become a manager, and help other young people develop up through the system. The story is the same whether you work in a factory, an office, a parliament, a kinder, or at home answering service requests for an international software business. Work hard, develop skills, be awesome, save money, raise kids, buy a house, retire to praise, go on a cruise, and then spend your years painting watercolours or touring with a caravan.

Success in this world is doing what you are told, being obedient, and ultimately being replaceable.

No matter how hard you work in your job, there will always be someone who can do it cheaper or faster than you.

Challenge the status quo and you go from being indispensable to detached, free, and independent. Embracing your own creativity builds a defence from the world of dependency and fosters passion, personality, and connectedness.



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